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Yale’s Vicky Chun and group of Asian American Pacific Islanders seek to maintain momentum


Yale athletic director Vicky Chun was in college when she heard about her parents’ athletic accomplishments.

Her mother, Susan, swam across Hong Kong Harbor when she was 13. His father, Victor, played college football at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

They just never talked about sports in their California home. And they certainly never imagined that their daughter, Vicky, would become a pioneering woman in college athletic administration after playing volleyball at Colgate.

Vicky Chun, the first Asian American and female athletic director at Yale, is sharing her story to help others follow the same path she has achieved.courtesy of yale

Chun is the first woman and the first Asian American to be an AD at Yale.

“It was the typical stereotype,” Chun said of her youth. “It was ‘play the piano, ballet, get good grades and become a lawyer or a doctor.’ It was my path, not athletics.

Chun has found it helpful to share her story with others in college athletics, which has happened more frequently during the month of May — Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Chun is one of three co-founders of 4AAPI, a nonprofit trade association for those with AAPI training that was launched last year. Unrelated Washington State DA Pat Chun co-founded the association with former America East Commissioner Amy Huchthausen.

“We were able to create dialogue and engagement among those who signed up,” said Huchthausen, who entered the private sector after a decade as a conference commissioner. “But there are still more steps we can take to ensure we are more relevant in this space.”

The three co-founders hosted a 4AAPI networking event last week and through those conversations discovered common threads that connected them even more.

Many of them shared their approach, which has been to blend in rather than say much about their heritage.

Chun, whose parents were from China, hadn’t even thought about her Chinese background as she prepared for the press conference that introduced her as Colgate’s new AD – the job she had before joining. going to Yale in 2018.

“I was so prepared,” Chun said. “I was ready for any question, except this one. “How does it feel to be the first female AD and the first Asian American?” It really made me think about everyone I represent, not just myself.

Chun finally answered the question by saying, “I’m really excited to be the first, but I definitely don’t want to be the last.”

Chun said with a laugh that she considered it a positive sign that Colgate had replaced her with another woman, Nicki Moore.

“I wasn’t the last,” Chun said.