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US high school students set up ‘Slave Trade’ Snapchat group, claiming to auction black classmates




  • Screenshots have surfaced of a teenage racist Snapchat group called “Slave Trade.”
  • A high school student in the group is being investigated in a district in Oregon.
  • Alleged messages show students pretending to auction black classmates.
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High school outside of Portland, Oregon grapples with a student’s alleged involvement in a racist Snapchat group called “Slave Trade,” where teens allegedly living in the United States allegedly used slurs homophobic and racist while claiming to auction off their black classmates.

The director of Newberg high school wrote about the incident in a letter to parents on Tuesday, while Oregon state officials condemned simultaneous continued pressure from the district to ban the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride flags in its schools.

An insider has examined photos of the alleged “Slave Trade” group chat that were posted on Instagram. The photos and the post identified the Newberg High School student who allegedly participated in the panel discussion. In a comment, he acknowledged his participation in the chat and wrote that it took place two years ago.

The photos show that the Newberg high school student uploaded a screenshot showing two of his black classmates chatting and captioned it “$ 100 each.” Another member of the chat replied “I’ll take them for 150 as a pair”.

More photos of black teens were posted in the chat and members responded with racist and homophobic language, identifying some of the teens as gay and expressing a desire to kill them.

“All black people should die,” said another message. “Let’s make another holocaust.”

Local Newberg reporter Ryan Clarke tweeted images from the group chat with the names and faces covered. According to Newberg High School principal Tami Erion, a student from the district was in group chat, which the administration believes to be from Michigan at the end of 2020. Erion said the Newberg student sent photos of his black classmates in the group.

Erion called the situation “very serious and inappropriate” and said the Newberg community continues to grapple with issues of “diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.”

Newberg Public School Principal Dr Joe Morelock wrote in a note Wednesday that “racist and bullying behavior has no place in our schools or our community.” Officials for the state of Oregon – the House Majority Leader and Chairman of the House Education Committee – released a statement using the incident to rebuke the school district‘s controversial new policy banning the Black Lives Matter and Pride symbols.

The flag policy also made national headlines after a teacher removed her American flag in protest, according to the Newberg Graphic.

“Incidents like this are exactly what make black college students feel like their lives don’t matter,” the representatives wrote in a statement, referring to the Snapchat affair.

Students and parents at Newberg High School responded to the group chat online. Clarke shared a Facebook post supposed to be written by a parent whose black daughter is in high school.

“It makes me cry to think of someone putting a picture of my precious daughter on something so obnoxious,” she wrote. “It breaks my heart to see the faces of the young people who have been featured in this panel discussion. And please never tell me that racism is not alive and well in our country.”

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