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Unite Us acquires NowPow to increase SDOH projections and benchmark platform


Unite Us, a New York-based technology company focused on connecting healthcare and social service providers, acquired NowPow, which offers a personalized community sponsorship platform, for an undisclosed amount.

Together, the companies aim to reduce the fragmentation that exists between health networks and social networks to allow better coordination of care.

NowPow’s Chicago-based tools and community partners will be integrated with the Unite Us closed-loop referral system, which can be used by clinicians to screen for social factors that negatively affect health, such as food insecurity or disability. housing, and electronically refer patients to the community. based organizations that can help meet these needs.

The Unite Us platform notes whether the community organization has been able to provide the necessary social service, and if not, the platform suggests alternative resources.

NowPow’s tools are similar, allowing healthcare teams to screen patients for the social determinants of health and provide referrals to social services, such as food banks and rental agencies.

“This unification [of the two companies] accelerates our ability to create a more seamless solution that improves people’s lives, ”Dan Brillman, co-founder and CEO of Unite Us, said in an email. “The partnership combines geographic reach and technological capabilities for a community-wide solution to the national social determinants of health. “

The fully integrated product will debut in 2022, as there will be a transition period during which companies will determine how best to combine capabilities.

Brillman did not disclose the price of the acquisition or the expected revenues of the combined company, saying only that “this acquisition presents a disproportionate opportunity for the two companies which could not be achieved independently”.

The acquisition of NowPow comes about a month after Unite Us purchased Carrot Health, which leverages its consumer and health information dataset to create predictive models of health behaviors and outcomes.

As a result, NowPow will have access to Carrot Health’s data solutions that predict needs, enroll customers in services and measure impact, Brillman said.

As health inequalities increase, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, integrating the social determinants of health data into clinical care is vital. Research shows that tackle social factors that negatively affect health can help close these equity gaps.

“The needs are growing rapidly and our partnership with Unite Us accelerates our shared vision to ensure that everyone, everywhere, knows where to go to find resources in their community,” said Dr. Stacy Lindau, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at NowPow, in a press release.

Photo: maxsattana, Getty Images