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The hottest cars on the market right now in every state


Outbacks at a Subaru dealership on Sunday, December 20, 2020 in Centennial, Colorado (AP Photo / David Zalubowski)

(iSeeCars) – The shortage of microchips continues to impact car sales as production disruptions have reduced the supply of new and used cars. Demand for new and used cars slowed slightly in October, as high car prices may have dissuaded consumers from buying a car until prices stabilized.

Analyzing over 250,000 new and used cars sold in October 2021, iSeeCars.com found that overall, the sale of an average new car takes 31.7 days and the average used car takes 44 days. , 7 days to sell. New and used cars are selling slower than in September, when the average for new cars was 24.6 days and the average for used cars was 32.8 days.

Best-selling new cars by state

What were the best-selling new cars in October across the country? Here are the most requested new vehicles by condition:

Best-selling new car in every state – October 2021
State Vehicle Average days to sell
Alabama Subaru Outback 8.1
Arizona Nissan rogue 8.0
Arkansas Hyundai Elantra 8.2
California Toyota Highlander Hybrid 8.3
Colorado Genesis GV80 8.6
Connecticut Bmw x3 10.3
Florida Toyota Camry Hybrid 8.3
Georgia Nissan rogue 8.1
Hawaii Subaru Outback 11.7
Idaho Hyundai Palisade 12.2
Illinois Honda HR-V 8.9
Indiana Jeep Wrangler unlimited 8.0
Iowa Honda CR-V 8.6
Kansas Jeep Gladiator 11.2
Kentucky Subaru Outback 8.6
Louisiana Toyota tacoma 9.7
Maine Bmw x3 9.7
Maryland Subaru Crosstrek 8.6
Massachusetts Lexus RX 350 8.6
Michigan Honda CR-V 9.9
Minnesota Hyundai Santa Cruz 11.1
Mississippi Toyota highlander 8.3
Missouri Toyota tacoma 8.7
Montana Hyundai Palisade 8.8
Nebraska Subaru Outback 11.3
Nevada Lexus RX 350 10.0
New Hampshire Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 13.4
New Jersey Honda Civic 9.0
New Mexico Bmw x3 13.1
new York Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 8.2
North Carolina Jeep Wrangler unlimited 9.4
North Dakota
Ohio Honda Civic 8.4
Oklahoma Hyundai website 9.2
Oregon Subaru Crosstrek 12.3
Pennsylvania Subaru Crosstrek 8.0
Rhode Island Subaru Forestier 10.4
Caroline from the south Toyota Camry Hybrid 8.8
South Dakota
Tennessee Toyota RAV4 9.6
Texas Toyota corolla 8.0
Utah Jeep cherokee 9.9
Virginia Jeep wrangler 8.1
Washington Toyota Highlander Hybrid 8.5
West Virginia Jeep Wrangler unlimited 10.0
Wisconsin Ford Bronco 9.1

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Top-selling used cars by state

Here are the top-selling used cars by state:

Best-selling used car in every state – October 2021
State Vehicle Average days to sell
Alabama Lexus NX 300 8.1
Alaska Toyota tacoma 26.8
Arizona Porsche 911 17.0
Arkansas Hyundai Kona 16.0
California Toyota Highlander Hybrid 9.8
Colorado Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 14.7
Connecticut Mitsubishi outlander 21.8
Delaware Toyota corolla 16.8
Florida Mitsubishi Mirage G4 13.6
Georgia Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 9.2
Hawaii Hyundai Kona 8.1
Idaho Volkswagen Jetta 29.5
Illinois Honda HR-V 8.9
Indiana Toyota Rav4 Hybrid 20.1
Iowa Subaru Outback 18.1
Kansas Nissan Versa 15.0
Kentucky Mitsubishi outlander 20.2
Louisiana Chevrolet Corvette 13.2
Maine Ram Pickup 1500 Classic 43.0
Maryland Mitsubishi eclipse cross 8.8
Massachusetts Canyon GMC 13.2
Michigan Kia Telluride 24.0
Minnesota Volkswagen Atlas 22.3
Mississippi Kia Soul 20.0
Missouri Mitsubishi outlander 8.8
Montana Chevrolet Traverse 28.6
Nebraska Chevrolet Suburban 30.1
Nevada Audi A4 12.0
New Hampshire Hyundai Kona 20.0
New Jersey 4-door mini hardtop 9.7
New Mexico Kia Forte 23.9
new York Tesla model 3 26.0
North Carolina Mitsubishi eclipse cross 10.1
North Dakota Chevrolet Colorado 27.0
Ohio Audi A6 16.5
Oklahoma Volkswagen Tiguan 15.8
Oregon Chrysler pacifica 9.8
Pennsylvania Acura ILX 13.2
Rhode Island
Caroline from the south Subaru Forestier 19.1
South Dakota GMC Terrain 31.1
Tennessee Mazda CX-5 11.4
Texas BMW 4 Series 11.9
Utah Jeep cherokee 8.5
Vermont Kia Sorento 22.0
Virginia Mitsubishi Mirage G4 8.4
Washington Tesla model 3 9.8
West Virginia Subaru Impreza 15.0
Wisconsin Mercedes-Benz C-Class 20.6
Wyoming Jeep renegade 36.7
  • The best-selling used car is a tie between the Hyundai Kona and the Mitsubishi outlander in three states.
  • SUVs are the most represented vehicle type as the top-selling used car type in 26 states.
  • The best-selling used car in any state is a tie between the Hyundai Kona in Hawaii and the Lexus NX300 in Alabama. Each took 8.1 days to sell.

Buyers who buy a new or used car may have difficulty finding these vehicles in high demand and may end up paying extra for them in the used car market due to the inventory constraints of microchips. As demand continues to outpace the supply of new cars, consumers should act quickly if they see the vehicle they want to sell, and buyers may need to be flexible about the color and finish options for them. models in demand.

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