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The best creatives need active rest


“As a company that has an (almost) limitless supply of ideas, creating a more sustainable work environment that cultivates maximum creative potential is our greatest responsibility and our greatest viability. That’s why we provide more room for active rest in presentation of 4-day working week at TUX — TUX becomes the largest creative agency of Quebec to introduce the 4-day week to its employees,” says Dominique TremblayPresident of TUX.

We are fully confident that our new practice will result in higher quality work for our clients, as it ensures that TUX talent will have more space to properly recharge and bring more energy and inspiration to the venue. of work.

Most importantly, TUX keeps our talent at their current salary and ensures that workloads are better distributed to reflect fewer working hours. Why? Because that’s what we want the new working standard to be.

We hope that active rest will be adopted in all industries and at all levels of activity in Canada. Frankly we all need it. In the coming months, TUX will share open source tools and resources to inspire and mobilize those looking to champion the 4-day work week within their organizations.

About TUX Creative Co. ( www.tux.co ):
Obsessed with creativity that drives business since 2010, TUX Creative Co. is dedicated to producing works that cut through the clutter, rise above the mundane, and challenge consumer indifference. TUX has launched international campaigns, repositioned major players and built brands from the ground up to break up clutter in virtually every category. Since 2019, TUX has been a Certified B Corporation® and is proudly responsible for a better way to do business. Actively pursuing the well-being of its people, communities and environment, TUX helps the brands it works with do the same.


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