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Thailand’s pet food producers are on a mission to please pet owners and “pet parents”


BANGKOK, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, a growing global trend sees pet owners becoming “pet parents” and treating their dogs and cats as part of the family. Gone are the days of keeping a pet outdoors and feeding it scraps of food. For the pet food industry, the change has a major impact, and Thailandas the world’s cuisine, helps meet the needs of “pet parents”, according to an industry group.

As consumers become more aware of what they eat, the same awareness applies to their pets. Instead of staple foods, they now demand more nutritional value and compliance with safety standards for their pets. As “humanizing pets” becomes an emerging trend, it’s no surprise to see plant-based, organic, and even vegan pet food products on the market.

Thailand is the world’s third largest pet food exporter in 2021 with an export value of over 65 billion bahtan increase of 27% over the previous year, according to the Thai Pet Food Trade Association (TPFA). Thailand the top 5 pet food export markets are the United States, Japan, Italy, Malaysia and Australiawhile Asian neighbors such as India, Indonesia and Laos see growing demand. The steady growth of Thai pet food exports is accelerating in 2022 with a 43% increase in the first 7 months.

The abundance of agricultural products in Thailandmeans that 95% of the raw materials used in pet food are locally sourced, supporting the country’s status as a production hub, according to TPFA.

“Our strengths also stem from the long-standing experience and reputation in the production of canned tuna, which can be extended to the manufacture of wet pet food,” said Dr. Chanintr Chalisarapong, President of TPFA.

Thai manufacturers of pet food brands include Perfect Companion Group’s SmartHeart and Me-O brands, Asian Sea’s Monchou brand, Charoen Pokphand Foods’ JerHigh and Jinny brands, and Thai Union’s ChangeTer brand. Thailand competitiveness has also attracted many international pet food brands to establish production bases here, such as Mars Petcare, Nestle Purina, Pedigree and Tiki.

To meet the demand of pet owners, manufacturers are emphasizing the production of pet foods that, in terms of safety, variety and dietary values, are similar to human grade foods. . Demand is also growing for innovative products such as prescription foods and supplements for treating pet health issues, such as heart, lung and kidney disease, TPFA said.

“Customer confidence in the quality and safety standards of our manufacturers, combined with product diversification, innovation and continuous development contribute to Thailand competitive advantage in the global pet food market,” Chalisarapong said.

The global pet food market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.6% from 2022 to 2027, according to Mordor Intelligence. As the number of households with pets continues to rise globally, pet food manufacturers are sure to stay on top of helping pet parents take the best care of their babies at fur.

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