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Teachers’ union calls for resignation of education minister after school raids


An Iranian teachers’ union has called for the resignation of Islamic Republic Education Minister Yousef Nouri amid the arrests and murders of scores of students across the country.

Condemning the violence in a statement issued on Sunday, the Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers’ Professional Associations, the body that has organized numerous nationwide protest rallies and strikes in recent years, described the minister as an “incompetent and good-for-nothing element”. .”

“Unfortunately, last week, we witnessed the brutal attack by security forces and in civilian clothes on educational centers in various cities of the country, including schools in Kordestan province, Gohardasht and Mehrshahr near the capital Tehran. , Orumiyeh (Urmia) and Ardabil in northwestern Iran and the city of Rasht in the north of the country,” the statement said. “Creating terror, security forces arrested several students and transferred them to unknown locations,” he added.

The latest case is the attack on a school in Ardabil, where school officials tried to force students to sing the propaganda song “Hello Commander” in praise of Iranian leader Ali Khamenei, but when some students refused, government agents showed up, beating and assaulting the girls. A student, identified as Asra Panahi, is believed to have died of her injuries in hospital while another is in critical condition.

On Saturday, radical news agencies released a video of an interview with Asra Panahi’s uncle in which he said she died of congenital heart disease.

Amid nationwide protests that have even mobilized Iranian high school students, the authorities of the Islamic Republic are removal of supreme leader photos classrooms lest students damage the portraits.