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Shelley Terry: Incredible! Delicious granddaughter turns 20 today | Columns


My only grandson, my lovely granddaughter turns 20 today. I don’t even know what to do with this number. It means I’m old, really old. And yet, I remember exactly where I was when I was 20: at Kent State Ashtabula, taking journalism degree courses.

I remember my teachers, the car I drove with Queen and Aerosmith blasting my eight-track tape recorder, my friends, and even the sweater I wore to a Fleetwood Mac concert in Cleveland. Do you know why I remember all these things? Because it looks like it’s yesterday!

But I mostly remember hopes and dreams. The hopes and dreams of a 20-year-old, eager to live the rest of her life. Would I find love, a family, a writing career? What about the t-shirt I bought at the Fleetwood Mac concert? I think I might have it somewhere in my closet, but like a lot of 20s clothes I can’t wear it anymore because it has shrunk in the closet!

Looking back, I can see where I made some not-so-smart choices. Everyone makes mistakes, but I decided to give Delightful Granddaughter some advice from her imperfect old grandmother.

Here are 20 random tips:

1. Count your eggs before they hatch. This way you will know if a neighboring raccoon, fox or dog has stolen your chickens!

2. Choose a career that makes you happy to get out of bed every morning. You spend most of your life working, so follow your dreams and do whatever it takes to make it happen – business school, college, and internships. Do it! I promise the hard work will be worth it.

3. Don’t accept defeat. We all fall and we have to get up. Cut your losses and move on.

4. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you and make you laugh.

5. Invest in a good mattress. A good night’s sleep is important in our family. Without it, we are cranky. You don’t want to be cranky.

6. Stay away from online dating sites. There are a lot of weirdos out there. Believe me, at my job I see police reports.

7. Travel. See the world. But don’t go into the woods or camping without bug spray.

8. Don’t be mean. It’s not good.

9. Use sunscreen unless you want your skin to look like an old leather shoe.

10. Plant a garden. There is nothing more therapeutic than digging in the earth.

11. Avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. All three can make you lose everything you’ve worked so hard for. See n ° 2.

12. Don’t text, email, or voicemail when you are angry. He may come back and bite you.

13. Do not use the F word as an adjective. Unlike a lot of young people, you don’t do this. Thank God! Don’t start – it just shows a lack of vocabulary and it’s not very feminine.

14. Despite what you see and hear these days, the majority of police are your friends. Remember: there are bad eggs in every profession. See n ° 1.

15. Wear your seat belt every time you get in your car – I’ll sleep better at night.

16. No tattoos! I have a classmate who got a butterfly tattoo on her chest when she was 20. Today, thanks to gravity, he looks more like a pterodactyl.

17. Invest in good underwear.

18. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy ice cream.

19. Call your parents. Call your grandparents. We will not be here forever.

20. Remember: you can count on Grandmaw. I am always there for you.

Editor Shelley Terry took time off Thursday to take Delightful Granddaughter shopping for her birthday. We won’t say that she spoiled her granddaughter by catering to her every whim, but rather, she was very accommodating.