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Sam Hall Named Vice President of CGA’s Damage Prevention Institute : CEG


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Common Ground Alliance (CGA)the national nonprofit trade association dedicated to protecting underground power lines, people who dig near them, and their communities, announced that Sam Hall will join the organization as Vice President of the Damage Prevention Institute (DPI ).

The newly created DPI will take the industry to the next level by using data and statistics to generate powerful insights and efficiencies that will reduce the rate of damage to buried infrastructure. In April, the CGA announced that the Gold Shovel Association would become a new branch of the CGA, the Damage Prevention Institute.

Hall brings more than two decades of industry experience and a strong regulatory background to his new role as Vice President, where he will lead the CIO’s development of stakeholder actions to improve the effectiveness of the prevention system. damage. In this role, Hall will also collaborate with industry leaders and key CGA committees to create a peer-reviewed credentialing process.

Prior to joining CGA, Hall served for more than 15 years as a senior program manager for the US Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), actively engaging with damage prevention, from local to international.

Hall further brings years of experience in data management and analysis in the private sector, as well as local and federal governments, including developing and implementing metrics and evaluation mechanisms to grant programs, public outreach programs, emergency management systems, and damages from state excavations. prevention and enforcement programs.

“We are delighted to welcome Sam to the CGA team where he will bring his expertise and industry experience to the Damage Prevention Institute,” said Sarah Magruder Lyle, President and CEO of Common Ground Alliance.

“Sam’s experience at PHMSA, decades of data management and strong relationships with key stakeholders will give him the tools to successfully lead the DPI and the development of its key elements, such as the review process. by peers.”

“I look forward to working with the Common Ground Alliance in a new way and taking on this new role in supporting the development of the Institute for Damage Prevention,” Hall said. “This is a unique opportunity to lead the industry towards its next major reduction in damage to buried infrastructure and to make our country a safer place to live and work. I am delighted to expand the commitment stakeholders and strengthen data collection to create a clearer picture of the inefficiencies in the system and how we can address them.”

For more information about CGA and the DPI, visit www.CommonGroundAlliance.com and www.DamagePreventionInstitute.com.