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OnePlus is launching a new smartphone program that will benefit us all


OnePlus today unveiled a new take-back initiative that taps into the company’s community spirit and aims to benefit everyone. When a customer in Europe or the UK trades in their smartphone for a new OnePlus handset, the company plants a new tree.

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It’s a step towards mitigating the effect of the consumer electronics industry on the planet and is being done in conjunction with Ecologi, a climate action organization. Ecologi recognizes that the electronics industry still has work to do, he said: “It’s great to see OnePlus taking significant steps to reduce the environmental impact of its products through its take-back program, while supporting reforestation projects. Given its global presence and vast customer base, we hope OnePlus can serve as an example to other companies in the industry, inspiring them to join the collective fight against climate change.

Last year, OnePlus North America planted trees for a week in April to celebrate Earth Day and offered to plant a tree for every tweet with a relevant hashtag or planted two trees to share nature photos . This latest promotion focuses on Europe and the UK

Lest you think helping a worthy cause like planting trees means you’re running out of money on your next phone, don’t worry. The trade-in discount continues, including bonuses. For example, throughout this month an additional amount has been removed from the price of a OnePlus 10 T and a OnePlus 10 Pro in addition to the trade-in price of their phone. Currently, this additional amount is €200 (around $196), or £200 in the UK.

Other phones like the discounted OnePlus Nord 2T are also included in the tree planting program when you trade in your current phone.

Trade-in programs are useful, although it’s always worth checking the resale value of your phone in case you can save more money by selling it separately first. But the addition of knowing that a tree will be planted in what OnePlus calls “dedicated forest areas around the world” might be enough to pique your interest in this program.

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