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North West Lehigh seniors prepare for new phase – Times News Online


Published on June 06, 2022 at 11:16 am

On Friday, family and friends gathered for the first time in two years at Northwestern Lehigh High School’s Tiger Stadium to watch 192 seniors graduate from high school at the school’s 65th annual commencement ceremony.

Northwestern Lehigh High School Principal Aileen M. Yadush opened the ceremony by addressing the future graduates.

“As you listen to your classmates tonight, remember that your new transition begins today. Today begins a new phase in your life that extends beyond the walls of Northwestern Lehigh High School,” a- she declared.

“As with every change you encounter in your life, our wish for you is that you create new memories by experiencing life in your own way and that you pass on what you have learned along your journey to those who will come after you.”

Class president Jocelyn S. Bernhard told her classmates, “Today is an exciting day for all of you. It’s the end of a chapter… what a chapter it has been. He started like so many before him.

“We were fortunate to experience the final year of our school career surrounded by the dedicated teachers who have guided us over the past four years and the friends with whom we have spent the past 12 years forming unbreakable bonds and forging unforgettable memories.

“There’s no denying that ending this chapter with them is far more meaningful than a conclusion drawn in the blue glow of a computer screen.”

She said that while all the ups and downs of the past four years have been amazing, these are the ones she was extremely proud to be a part of.

Bernhard said that now that they are at the end of their four years of high school graduation, they are once again on a new chapter in life, unsure of what will come next for them.

“Whether we go to college, trade school, the job market or whatever the future holds, I’m sure it will be full of new, exciting and rewarding experiences,” he said. she declared.

School Board Chairman Willard G. Dellicker welcomed everyone to the school district‘s hometown stadium before addressing the graduating class directly. He told the seniors that they had certainly experienced a few years of uncertainty, isolation and fear during their COVID years in high school.

“Remember those times in high school to help you find the spirit and strength to overcome any adversity you face as you successfully navigate life’s journey.

“So be strong in your faith, be strong in your abilities and remember that you are part of the class of 2022 who have already shown that you can overcome challenges and disappointment.”

Superintendent Jennifer Holman told graduates they would cross the high school threshold into adulthood when they graduate.

“We are incredibly proud of each of you and excited to hear what the future holds for each of you,” she said.

“Whether you’re pursuing a college education, in the workforce, or in the military, it’s important that you take the time to reflect on your school years and remember those who helped you get here. where you are now.”

She concluded by telling seniors that they can finally envision a future of unlimited possibilities when they graduate.

Northwestern Deputy Principal Matthew Givler also paid tribute to the 67 senior award winners who were recently honored by the school district’s Lehigh Career and Technical Institute Awards Ceremony.

He said this year awards were presented for excellence in extracurricular activities and athletics as well as traditional and technical academic achievement.

“This year, deserving seniors at Northwestern Lehigh received more than $59,000 in scholarships and awards from the Northwestern Lehigh School District, faculty and staff, local businesses and the national organization,” said Givler.

Class speaker Callie Huber in her “Follow the Road Less Traveled” speech told seniors that she had trouble finding a topic she wanted to talk about until she actually listened to the song “Road Less Traveled” by Lauren Alana.

“In her song, Lauren Alana sings that you can’t make a name for yourself if you follow the rules,” she said.

“Each of us has a different story. I’m sure some of us have been influenced by people about what we should do after we graduate, but now is the time for us to choose,” said she declared.

“We’ll leave here tonight with our new route maybe chosen or maybe not. Everyone here will find a new route less travelled.

From left, Northwestern Lehigh School District Assistant Superintendent Troy Sosnovik, Superintendent Jennifer Holman, High School Principal Aileen Yadush, School Board President William G. Dellicker, and senior class counselors Pat Mengel and Nicole Zimmerman congratulate students at graduation on Friday. LOU WHEELAND/TIMES NEWS SPECIAL