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Mexico’s craft beer industry takes center stage in Cerveza Mexico


MEXICO – Mexican craft beer consumption is on the rise across Mexico and beyond, thanks to ever-increasing quality and innovation in an industry that now accounts for one in 100 beers sold in the country. In fact, Cerveza México, the premier annual trade event for Mexico’s growing craft beer sector, expects a 50% increase in exhibitors for its 2022 edition, confirming the importance of a segment that is playing an increasingly important role in the industry as a set.

The event, which is also the scene of the annual Cerveza Cup competition for the best professional and amateur brewers, takes place at the World Trade Center in Mexico City from October 21 to 22 and is expected to attract a large number of national and international visitors. Unlike other industries that have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mexican beer industry has flourished over the past two years, with Mexico selling nearly 5.5 million liters of beer between January and May 2021, an increase of almost 41%, according to Mexican national statistics agency INEGI.

According to Mexican beer association Acermex, the craft beer industry has seen particular growth, with independently produced beers accounting for about one in every 100 beers sold in Mexico in 2021. This is in part, according to the association , the result of consumption levels. which are now at a higher level than those observed before the pandemic.

Best of Show

The Cerveza México 2022 exhibition has two clear objectives, according to Marcos Gottfried, managing director of Tradex Exhibitions, the organization behind Cerveza México. “The objective of the exhibition is to strengthen the consolidation of the craft beer industry in Mexico, while supporting production through the parallel exhibition of suppliers and inputs, which will be held next to the main hall of Cerveza Mexico,” he said.

While the main exhibition area will focus on independent brands and innovations, the adjacent event will showcase the best suppliers of all the materials needed to brew perfect craft beer, from machinery and equipment to yeast, malt and beer. hops, as well as a wide range of bottle, cap and label manufacturers.

Quality and innovation

Although April 2021 was Tradex’s first beer industry event after the pandemic shutdown, Cerveza Mexico 2022 will host some 200 exhibitors and is expected to attract at least 15,000 visitors.

Gottfried attributed the anticipated increase in numbers to an increasingly confident Mexican craft beer industry, which is attracting more and more aficionados thanks to its quality and originality. He said: “We have seen growth year after year in the craft beer industry and this is due to dramatic improvement in product quality which is driving consumption and sales.”

With heavy consumption in metropolitan areas and tourist hubs, Gottfried predicts the sector will strengthen over the next few years, with interest in Mexican craft beer likely to grow both domestically and abroad. outside of Mexico. “I invite suppliers, retailers, importers and exporters to visit Cerveza Mexico to find out why Mexican craft beer is a product worth tasting,” he added.

Cerveza México will take place October 21-23, 2022 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

The parallel exhibition Cerveza México Suppliers and Inputs runs from October 21 to 22, 2022; also at the World Trade Center, Mexico City.