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Living Foods: Bringing Harmful Chemical-Free Foods to the Consumer’s Plate


Akash K Sajith, 30, was shocked when both his parents were diagnosed with cancer, especially since they had followed a healthy lifestyle – doing yoga daily, eating organic food, doing regular walks and avoid tobacco and alcohol. This unfortunate event gave Sajith and his co-founders, Shikha Lakhanpal and Niranjan KS, the impetus to probe the link between diet, health and climate change. Digging deep, they discovered that Indians consume about 70,000 metric tons of pesticides each year, including those banned in other countries because they cause cancer.

Living Food was therefore launched in 2018 to assume better control of our food systems, starting with a hydroponic farm in Sajith’s apartment that grew nutrient-rich greens without chemicals and offered farm-to-home subscriptions. table. “Today, Living Food provides fresh, high-quality food directly to its customers, serving 100,000 households in Bangalore alone,” says Sajith, Co-Founder and CEO.

According to him, foodborne diseases are a growing concern in India, costing $15 billion a year at present and the number of cases is expected to reach 177 million a year by 2030. The government is taking steps to promote good quality food in the country. and launched initiatives such as ‘Eat Right India’ with the aim of transforming the food ecosystem. The government also emphasized chemical-free farming in the last budget.

“Living Food is an effort to fill the gaps in the ecosystem and deliver incredibly fresh, world-class food directly to Indian consumers,” says Sajith. “The fresh food supply chain is at the heart of Living Food’s operation, with fresh vegetables, fruits and freshly baked bread being delivered within hours of harvest or production. By working directly with farmers and producers, Living Food benefits from a very short turnaround time. For example, the company delivers Ice Apple or Nongu, a most delicate and tender fruit, within an hour of harvest, and was one of the first D2C brands to launch this popular seasonal fruit,” it adds. -he.

The company delivers fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread, artisan dips, spreads, fresh cheese and other products in 24 categories, guaranteeing strict quality control. Its customers know exactly where food products come from and when they were harvested or produced, an aspect in which Living Food has made a pioneering contribution. “The company currently makes 99% of its deliveries within 24 hours, and 80% of orders are fulfilled in just six hours,” says Sajith.

To achieve this, Living Food has built its own supply chain and relies on robust technology. End-to-end real-time order tracking optimizes logistics resources and keeps the customer informed of the status of goods, from picking to delivery. They use temperature-controlled trucks and cold packs for transportation, which helps preserve the quality of items like fruit without using preservatives. Most importantly, the company has exclusive partnerships with some of the best organic farms in the country that practice the best and most environmentally friendly farming methods, such as hydroponics, aquaponics and permaculture.

In January this year, Living Food raised $7.5 million in a Series A funding round led by Amasia, a thesis-driven global venture capital firm that invests in sustainability through a change in behaviour. Today, Living Food ships 1,50,000 units every month, which equates to more than three products shipped every minute, and has grown 600% in the past six months alone. Currently at 1,000 SKUs, the company launches over 100 SKUs every month. Their team size has grown to over 400, ten times more than a year ago. “The company is the market leader in the fresh food segment in Bengaluru by a wide margin and is one of the fastest growing food technology companies in India today, all poised to reach $20 million. in ARR over the next 12 months,” Sajit says.

After recently completing the beta launch of its cloud kitchen to overwhelming customer response, Living Food will open two cloud kitchens weekly in 50 locations across three cities over the next year.