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International automakers lead Ohio’s future: Jennifer Safavian


WASHINGTON, DC – Ohio makes more car engines than any other state, driving the future of American manufacturing. But this did not happen by accident. For 40 years, Ohioans and international automakers like Honda have built the backbone of America’s auto industry in Buckeye State. And as we celebrate Manufacturing Month throughout October, this recognition means something different here.

Every year at Autos Drive Americawe publish a Economic Impact Report highlighting the critical impact of international automakers’ operations in the United States. And this year, the data reinforced what we already knew – that the future of auto manufacturing is here in Ohio. International automakers have invested more than $15 billion to ensure cities like Anna, East Liberty and Marysville reap the benefits of modern American manufacturing.

Just this month, Honda announced it will establish a new state-of-the-art electric vehicle battery plant in Fayette County, working with LG Energy Solution to invest more than $3.5 billion and create 2,200 careers — the latest achievement in global automakers’ continued faith in Ohio’s workers and the state’s consolidation as a as the hub of automotive manufacturing for decades to come. Honda also announced that it will invest an additional $700 million to retool several existing auto and powertrain plants for electric vehicle production, which will add an additional 300 new Honda quarries in Ohio.

Investments like these will help keep Ohio workers globally competitive and position the state as a leader in the future of automotive manufacturing. Last year, seven distinct vehicle models produced by Ohioans at international automaker facilities were exported to enthusiastic customers in 42 different countries around the world. Soon, these international markets will also benefit from quality electric vehicles made in Ohio.

Ohio workers provide consumers around the world with access to the latest and most technologically advanced vehicles. In fact, Ohio’s automakers, dealers and international suppliers support nearly 200,000 careers and help Ohioans develop the technical skills to meet the needs of a robust 21st century manufacturing industry. These employees work on every operating line, building engines and transmissions, for a total production of more than 416,000 vehicles, more than 741,000 engines and nearly 600,000 transmissions last year. But they also work in testing labs in Ohio and research and development facilities in Raymond and Columbus, designing, developing and assembling the next generation of smart, clean vehicles.

And these are high quality, well-paying careers. Last year, Ohio’s international automakers and other companies they support paid out $12.5 billion in total employee compensation. This has a significant impact on workers, with careers that support workers and their families. It also benefits Ohio’s economy more broadly, helping to expand manufacturing across the state. International automakers contributed $20.4 billion to Ohio’s gross state product in 2021 and contributed nearly $2 billion in state and local tax revenue. The benefits of international automakers are realized in communities from Dayton to Youngstown.

Jennifer Safavian is the president and CEO of Autos Drive America, the trade association representing international automakers operating in the United States (Photo courtesy of Autos Drive America)

These contributions don’t just represent a financial commitment – ​​they represent a greater investment in the future of the American worker, the American economy, and communities throughout Ohio. Last year’s investments by international automakers in the United States brought their US total to more than $100 billion. With announcements of new assembly lines, new manufacturing facilities, new technologies, and new research and design centers every day, it’s clear that international automakers are leading America’s manufacturing industry.

In October, as we celebrate Manufacturing Month, we celebrate the accomplishments of Ohio’s manufacturing workers. I am proud of the commitment that international automakers have made to Ohio’s economy. America has a strong history in automotive manufacturing – the industry is the model for the rest of the world. Manufacturing workers like those found here in Ohio are the ones behind the wheel, driving the renaissance of manufacturing. The future of the American auto industry is here and now.

Jennifer Safavian is President and CEO of Autos Drive America, the trade association representing international automakers with operations in the United States.

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