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HyAxiom signs agreement with Shell to demonstrate the ability of fuel cell technology to decarbonize the shipping industry


EAST HARTFORD, Conn., October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HyAxiom Inc., a leading global provider of fuel cell and hydrogen solutions, today signed an agreement with Shell Plc (NYSE: SHEL) and other parties to power a deep-sea liquefied natural gas carrier with a solid oxide fuel cell developed by HyAxiom to test the technology’s ability to reduce carbon emissions from shipping, a vital sector for trade and economies around the world, but considered difficult to reduce.

Under the terms of the agreement, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd (“Shell”), Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (“KSOE”), DNV and Doosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd (“DFCC”), have agreed to launch a vessel powered by a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) developed by HyAxiom in 2025.

This agreement underscores the potential of fuel cell technology in decarbonizing the shipping industry and the role HyAxiom can play in helping key industry players achieve their climate goals.

“Fuel cells are an essential technology to reduce carbon emissions and help us fight large-scale climate change,” said Jeff Hyungrak Chung, President and CEO of HyAxiom. “HyAxiom is proud to partner with Shell to demonstrate the viability of solid oxide fuel cells as a low or zero carbon way to power the shipping industry.”

As part of the agreement (after feasibility studies), HyAxiom will design and develop the SOFC Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) incorporating the 2 x 300 kilowatts (kW) subsystems for the long-range maritime demonstration; DFCC will manufacture, perform factory testing and deliver the product; Shell will charter the demonstration vessel; KSOE will assist with system integration and technology deployment; and DNV will provide technical and security expertise.

Once launched, the vessel will operate for a year, during which parties will collect valuable data on how to further integrate SOFC technology into current vessels and inform on how future vessels can be powered by SOFC technology. in large scale.

Karrie TrauthSVP Shipping & Maritime at Shell said: “This consortium and the cutting-edge technology we are pioneering could help deliver less carbon-intensive operations in the near term while paving a path to net zero through the blending of conventional and alternative fuels until zero carbon options are available We are excited to partner with some of the biggest names in shipping who share the vision of a zero emissions industry and are working hard to advance the decarbonization of shipping.

Sam Hyun KaVice President and CEO of KSOE pointed out, “SOFC is expected to be the most important and important power source for ships due to its excellent efficiency. HHI Group will continue to play a leading role with Shell, HyAxiom, DFCC and DNV in the development of future decarbonization technology. believe that we can create unparalleled synergies and that we can be at the forefront of future technologies in the maritime transport and shipbuilding sectors.”

Vidar Dolonen, Regional Director Korea & JapanShipping at DNV also added: “The energy and technology mix of the future will have to be broad for the maritime sector to reach its Net Zero objective. Solid oxide fuel cells are a promising solution for advancing on the path to decarbonization, and we at DNV are pleased to bring our expertise to such an important demonstration project with key industry players.”

The consortium agreement was signed at a ceremony in Seoul, South Korea. Representatives from each company included HyAxiom CEO Jeff Hyungrak Chung; Hooseok Che, COO of DFCC; SVP and Global Head of Shipping and Shipping for Shell, Karrie Trauth; Vidar Dolonen, Regional Director of DNV Korea and Japan; and vice-president of the KSOE Sam Hyun Ka.

HyAxiom, a Doosan company based in East Hartford, Connecticut, was created in 2014 following the acquisition by the Doosan Group of the fuel cell business of UTC Power. HyAxiom combines UTC Power’s 50 years of experience in developing hydrogen fuel cell technology with the large-scale engineering and manufacturing expertise of the Doosan Group. In addition to its core offering of Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell (“PAFC”) units, HyAxiom is developing next-generation technologies, including electrolyzers for clean hydrogen production and additional fuel cell solutions for mobile and stationary applications.

About HyAxiom

HyAxiom is one of the world’s leading providers of fuel cell and hydrogen solutions, enabling reliable, competitive and carbon-free energy sources for industrial and commercial purposes. By combining the fuel cell development heritage of UTC Power and the expertise of parent group Doosan, HyAxiom’s mission is to accelerate a sustainable energy future by providing a full range of hydrogen-based solutions for the stationary and mobile energy. HyAxiom develops, manufactures and services PureCell, a proprietary Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell (“PAFC”) unit. Leveraging its expertise in fuel cell technology, HyAxiom is developing next-generation clean hydrogen generation technologies and additional clean fuel cell solutions for mobile and stationary applications. More information is available at hyaxiom.com.

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