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Hometown Hero CBD invests in the future of hemp and adds 200 new ones


AUSTIN, Texas, July 12 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure consumer and market access to safe and effective hemp-derived cannabinoid products, Hometown Hero CBD today announced that it has offered 200 retail customers Hemp Industries Association (HIA) membership contracts.

“HIA is a true advocate for our industry helping to advance all facets of the hemp ecosystem,” said Lukas Gilkey, CEO and Founder of Hometown Hero CBD. “As a member ourselves, we are excited to further support HIA by adding new members who will empower and inspire more voices, as we collectively work to keep hemp legal in the United States and establish a fair and science-based framework. for a bright and prosperous future.”

Founded in 1994, HIA is a non-profit trade association for hemp farms and businesses. Its mission is to serve all areas of the American hemp industry by advancing the hemp economy and educating the market for the benefit of its members, the public, and the planet.

“For nearly 30 years, HIA has been made up of forward-looking members who believe in exploring the full potential of this remarkable plant, who are committed to ethical and sustainable business practices, and who don’t hesitate to fight to secure justice for hemp,” said Jody McGinness, Executive Director of HIA. “Hometown Hero CBD embodies these leadership qualities through its unparalleled state and national advocacy, support for veterans, educating retailers and consumers, and vigorously pushing back against misconceptions and misinformation about hemp-derived cannabinoids. By making this extraordinary investment in HIA, they are proving the seriousness of their commitment to the hemp industry while enabling hundreds of small businesses to join the fight for a fair, safe and prosperous hemp industry.

Among other benefits, new business members will receive consumer education and advocacy information and materials, advocacy alerts and state regulatory updates, as well as the ability to connect to a national consumer network. companies and hemp farms. New members are also granted democratic rights that allow them to play an active role in leading HIA and helping shape the national hemp industry.

“We continue to work with the HIA to maintain an open and safe market for hemp, including supporting the HIA’s Defend Hemp campaign as states seek to implement bans on cannabinoids, flowers and other products,” said Cynthia Cabrera, new chief strategy officer at Hometown Heroes CBD. “We have always supported our customers through outreach and education, and this gift of unconditional memberships is another way to give back to our partners and encourage them to be more involved in their future.”

About Hometown Hero CBD
Hometown Hero CBD manufactures and distributes hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC and CBDA + CBGA lifestyle products. Founded in 2015 by Lukas Gilkey and Lewis Hamer, the company donates a portion of all proceeds to various charities and organizations that support veterans. For more information, visit HometownHeroCBD.com or follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @HometownHeroATX.

About the EIS
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a member-driven, mission-driven, nonprofit trade group representing hemp companies, farms, supporters, and researchers in the United States and around the world. Founded in 1994, HIA advocates for the fair treatment of hemp in the marketplace by promoting the adoption of industry best practices, scientific accuracy, sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and consumer education. More information can be found by visiting www.thehia.org.

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