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Harvest Capital Opens Office in Hong Kong to Help Portfolio Companies Achieve Global Expansion Goals


HONG KONG, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Harvest Capital, a Chinese private equity (PE) firm focused on value investing in the consumer goods and services sectors, recently opened its hong kong Desk. The office will serve as a regional hub from which the company will explore hong kong and foreign capital markets as well as to connect with foreign investors.

As an international financial center, hong kong has a well-established stock market and a robust legal system, with its lawyers, accountants and business executives known for their high level of professionalism, while the city plays a vital role in connecting the financial markets continental and international. The new office is expected to take full advantage of its locational advantages and provide a strong impetus for rolling out Harvest Capital’s globalization roadmap in conjunction with its Shanghai and beijing teams.

“The hong kong office is an important part of our global portfolio. We look forward to building a fuller, broader and closer relationship with investors, capital markets and potential partners through the office, as well as providing a more forward-thinking perspective for the portfolio of Harvest Capital investment and post-investment empowerment. ” said Xiangqian song (Alan Song), founding partner and chairman of Harvest Capital.

Founded in 2007, Harvest Capital focuses on China consumer goods and services industries, and is one of the few value creation funds China which has the capacity to invest on a large scale. With funds under management exceeding 26 billion yuanthe company’s mission is to support the sectors of the companies in which it invests and to develop these companies into national brands.

As the most committed practitioner of empowerment investing, Harvest Capital has consistently provided companies with comprehensive long-term financial solutions, strategic advisory services and efficiency improvement solutions. The company’s customers include Eastroc Beverage Group (beverages), Laiyifen (snack retail), Aimer Lingerie (underwear), Zhongyin Babi Food (breakfast retail), Qiaqia Food (fried nuts), Jiajia Food (condiments) , Easyhome New Retail Group (Distribution of construction materials for the home), Meituan (Life service platform), Jinmailang (instant food), Small Can Tea (tea brand), Home Original Chicken (Chinese fast food chain), Wenheyou (cultural and creative catering), NewPearl Ceramics Group wall and floor tiles) and Didi (car call services).

The opening of the Hong Kong office is expected to help Harvest Capital better connect with domestic and overseas capital markets and serve domestic and overseas entrepreneurs and investors more effectively. In addition, the office will serve as an intermediary by coordinating resources inside and outside the Chinahelping them with overseas communications, helping them improve capital and time efficiency, while improving the overall quality of their products and services.

Harvest Capital expects its presence in hong kong will enable the company to take full advantage of the advantages of the city as a global financial center, as well as the many favorable policies adopted in the special administrative region.

In addition, the new office will actively collaborate with relevant upstream and downstream players and various government departments to help more Chinese suppliers of consumer goods and services find their place in international capital markets and obtain greater commercial value.

SOURCE Moisson Capital