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Former Birmingham resident takes on key communications role in Biden administration


Kamau Marshall, who lived much of his youth in Birmingham, joined the Biden administration’s communications team as the United States’ deputy deputy trade representative for media and public affairs.

Katherine Tai is the U.S. Trade Ambassador and serves on the President’s Executive Office.

“It’s exciting to serve this president and vice president right now,” said Marshall, who lived in Midfield, Fairfield and Ensley. “The focus is on economics and commerce, things that a lot of people don’t think about when it comes to how they relate to their daily lives. The economy and commerce are the way the world is.

Previously, Marshall, 34, was the spokesperson and senior advisor for outreach and communications to the CEO and co-chairs of the 59th Presidential Inauguration Committee and was the director of strategic communications for Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

“People are always shocked when they hear that I am from Birmingham,” he says.

Marshall was in his fourth grade when his family, which includes three brothers, moved from Pittsburgh to Birmingham. “They’re not that far apart culturally,” Marshall told AL.com. “Both are blue collar towns with strong black communities; both are steelworks towns.

“I was very excited as a young child to move, mainly because of the civil rights aspects and its history,” he added. “Yes, I was that kid, very excited to move to Birmingham. “

Faith played a key role in the life of Reverend Gordon Marshall and his wife Sharon Marshall. Gordon was drawn to Birmingham to become acting pastor of Jeffries Memorial Christian Church; Sharon, originally from Alabama, worked as a secretary at the Presbyterian Church in Westminster.

Marshall attended Midfield Elementary School, then Rutledge and Arrington High Schools. His older brother graduated from Wenona High School, but the family moved to Georgia before Kamau reached that level.

“I loved my stay in Birmingham; it played a vital role in my life, ”he says. “It’s part of my foundation, especially for someone who has lived in the North before, providing a strong sense of community and life in the South. Southern ways can take you far.

Kamau is no stranger to commerce. He served in the Obama-Biden administration as a communications advisor and speechwriter for the US Department of Agriculture. He was a special assistant to the late Congressman Elijah E. Cummings.

Marshall still has parents in Alabama, Tuscaloosa and Huntsville.

“It’s really like we’ve never left each other,” he says.