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Consumer electronics e-commerce: how to sell?



Regarding the B2B electronics sector, many organizations are struggling to launch a consumer electronics e-commerce store because of fear of unknown workarounds with distribution channels and process. Nonetheless, their competitors launched e-commerce stores and quickly saw revenue growth 5 times that of their peers.

Invariably, many electronics distributors are making the leap to digital selling and adopting agile, resilient, scalable, and customer-centric sales initiatives. Thus, they move away from traditional and obsolete distribution methods and ensure the sustainability of their activities.

Key Benefits of an Ecommerce Solution for Consumer Electronics

Accelerate your market share and your customer base

The contemporary consumer expects your store to be open 24/7. Now, it doesn’t have to be brick and mortar. However, if a customer gets up at 2 a.m. and wants to buy something from your electronics store, with their mobile device, they should be given that option. And that’s what you can deliver with a self-service consumer e-commerce portal that serves your customers regardless of their vertical, billing, or purchasing processes.

Additionally, the right consumer electronics e-commerce store will offer the ability to build SEO and mobile friendly sites. Your customers can also access transparent payment options, smart payment, and real-time inventory information.

You can also provide an omnichannel shopping experience including B2B2B or direct to customer. If you have multiple sales models, you are taken care of.

In addition, you can use a centralized administrator to manage your consumer electronics e-commerce store around the world. Why is this critical? Well, you can also target each geographic location uniquely with multiple ecommerce sites in different languages ​​to reach your target audiences.

Boost customer experience, revenue, AOV and repeat purchases

Address and meet all customer expectations. Offer your consumer electronics products to your customers through tiered, permission-based access to price lists, quotes, product catalogs, and order approvals based on their unique needs.

Each customer has a specific purchasing process. Fortunately, by using e-commerce, you can make shopping easy with a robust search engine so that your visitors can find any of your electronic products by attributes, part numbers, part numbers, etc. Plus, take advantage of the built-in autocomplete features so that each request is processed quickly.

Plus, you can dive into the hyper-personalized consumer shopping trend by designing personalized prices, sales, product catalogs, quotes, and shipping options. Hence, you provide a seamless consumer electronics shopping experience that keeps your customers coming back for more. When shopping is easy and frictionless, you improve customer retention.

You can also make sure your customers are always up to date with your latest promotions through personalized marketing campaigns like landing pages, loyalty programs, and discounts. For example, OroCommerce’s robust consumer electronics e-commerce solution provides marketing reports for marketers to segment customers for highly targeted campaigns and promotions.

Automate your business processes to optimize resources, costs and productivity

Integrate the storefront with your back-end admin to build an engine that includes negotiated quotes, built-in prices, and promotions. You can also use the automation of quote and contract management so your ecommerce reps can spend more time doing what they’ve been hired to do, helping your customers.

Target various industries with your consumer electronics devices and manage every iteration under one roof through backend processes like contracts, hierarchies, quotes, etc.

Connect your current CRM system to your e-commerce solution to get a 360 degree view of your customers. Then use Google Analytics’ enhanced ecommerce and a custom reporting engine to make data-driven marketing decisions.

You can also integrate your other systems, such as your PIM, CRM, ERP, and WHMS with your e-commerce platform to break down data silos and ensure that your e-commerce system acts as a single source of truth for access data in real time.

Create a resilient business model for today and for the future

There is no doubt that consumer electronics retailers need to build relationships, not only with end customers, but also with suppliers and vendors. With e-commerce, you can access a configurable API that supports variable integrations, PWA, and headless commerce. So you can accommodate your vendors and suppliers adequately.

Additionally, OroCommerce has built-in features that help your business build resilience to any unexpected market shifts so that you can seize new opportunities or expand into new markets without having to invest in another platform.

What is the impact of electronic commerce on electronic distribution?

Most consumers are already used to shopping from their mobile devices. In a mobile-driven world, many customers will look online before they start shopping. From 2019 to 2020, e-commerce use grew by 47% for electronics retailers above $ 1 billion in sales and 87.3% for electronics distributors with less than $ 50 million. dollars in annual sales.

Customers expect more and they want instant gratification. Therefore, it makes sense to streamline sales processes, both upstream and downstream, with e-commerce.

How can e-commerce benefit an electronics distributor?

Before making any purchases, consumers will do their due diligence and research by looking at prices, product availability, and reviews. Once they have placed an order, they will want the option to manage their shipping time.

Your sales reps no longer have to take multiple phone calls to make sure your customers get the answers they need. Instead, customers can do a lot of these things through a self-service portal and order at their convenience.

How can electronics wholesalers take advantage of e-commerce?

The first benefit of launching your electronics ecommerce store is SEO optimization. Since you are relegated to one physical location, you can quickly move to new markets and geographies.

As a result, you’ll have significant reach, but you can also use built-in features to segment your customers based on their buying habits and demographics to keep them coming back for more. You can also create personalized prices for a target audience at the right time.

Since you can automate many tedious manual administration tasks, you will also increase productivity and employee experience. Customers will also have more self-service options.

Why choose OroCommerce for e-commerce?

You can get your product ideas to market faster because OroCommerce offers built-in features for faster time to market and a working eCommerce portal that you can set up and run on any device in less than six month.

Access more growth opportunities as OroCommerce adapts to your e-commerce business despite growing customer traffic, catalogs or teams. As a result, you can grow with fewer resources, increase your return on investment, and reduce costs.

OroCommerce was designed for the consumer electronics industry and can accommodate a variety of customers. You can also add other digital sales channels, such as B2B2C, B2G or a marketplace.

Without a doubt, you can count on a complete ecosystem that is agile, stable and secure. You can also access a large group of community developers to make sure you always meet the needs of your customers.

Remember, OroCommerce offers native CRM integration so that you can easily access the right data points for your marketing campaigns.

Not to mention, if you ever have any questions, OroCommerce offers its Enterprise customers 24/7 support. You can also grab responses from OroCommerce’s sizable posts with the community documentation on Stackoverflow.