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Bloomingdale’s Chamber working to expand scholarships for trade school students


As the Bloomingdale’s Chamber of Commerce prepares to offer annual scholarships, it is working this year to expand options beyond the traditional college route.

The chamber has decided to set aside funds for a trades scholarship for students who enroll in a trade school or certification program such as cosmetology school, HVAC certification, or training in automobile mechanic.

Applicants must be either a member or child of a member of the Bloomingdale’s Chamber of Commerce or a current resident of Bloomingdale’s. Several scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,500 are available to students who are graduating from high school or who are currently enrolled in a post-secondary school and plan to continue their education.

Chamber President and CEO Cindy Allston said the organization has always welcomed students entering the trades to apply for a scholarship, but has rarely received applications.

“By setting aside funds and renaming the scholarship, we hope to attract students who are not heading to a four-year college but are looking for help to support their education in one of many careers,” said Allston said.

College applicants must plan to pursue full-time education at an accredited post-secondary college, university, or two-year college in the United States to be eligible. They must be high school graduates or freshmen, sophomores, or juniors with a 3.0 GPA to be eligible.

The scholarships must be used during the first semester following their award. The deadline to apply is March 22.