Home Trade industry Biden administration sets January 4 deadline for vaccination mandate

Biden administration sets January 4 deadline for vaccination mandate


Companies that fail to comply may be subject to fines, a White House official said. An OSHA penalty is typically $ 13,653 for each serious violation, but can go up to 10 times that amount if OSHA determines that the violation is intentional or repeated.

Over the past month, the Department of Labor has received comments on the rule from business groups, including the United States Chamber of Commerce, as well as executives from UPS, Walt Disney Company, Fidelity Investments. and many others. They raised concerns about costs, logistics and the potential effects on employees.

The January deadline allows retailers and logistics companies, both short of employees, to get through the holiday shopping season before implementing the requirements. The deadline applies to federal contractors, who are subject to stricter rules and to healthcare workers.

Still, the National Retail Federation trade group blew up the requirements on Thursday.

“Since the president announced the vaccine mandate for private industry, the seven-day average number of cases in the United States has fallen by more than half,” he said in a statement. “Nonetheless, the Biden administration has chosen to declare an ’emergency’ and impose onerous new demands on retailers during the crucial holiday shopping period.”

Many nursing home companies have been pushing to avoid a strict requirement, and the American Health Care Association, a professional nursing home group, has expressed disappointment with the new rule. “We are concerned that the execution may exacerbate an already severe long-term care workforce crisis,” Mark Parkinson, group chief executive, said in a statement.

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Stores Union, which represents 100,000 workers, applauded the new rule. “Too many lives of essential and frontline workers continue to be at stake in this pandemic, and having a standard is essential to protect workers at all levels,” he said in a statement.

Companies that have mandated vaccines before, including 3M, Procter & Gamble, IBM and the airlines American, Alaska and JetBlue, have not seen large numbers of employees resign as a result, although a small minority of workers. did.