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ACI exports up 52% ​​in 8 months…


AMMAN – Exports from factories and enterprises registered with the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) jumped 52 percent to JD 4.81 billion in the first eight months of this year, from 3, 17 billion JD during the same period in 2021, according to the Jordanian news agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

With the exception of the pharmaceutical and medical supplies industries, which recorded a 4% drop in exports to JD 356 million from JD 372 million during the same period in 2021, most industrial sectors recorded an increase in exports during the specified period.

India, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Iraq accounted for more than half of ACI’s exports, valued at JD 2.5 billion, between January and August.

ACI said exports to India jumped 74% to JD981 million from JD562 million in the corresponding period of 2021. Exports to the United States also increased by 6% to JD657. million JD, against 617 million.

Exports to Saudi Arabia jumped 27% to around JD488 million from JD372 million during the same period in 2021.

Exports to Iraq also increased by 10% to JD383 million from JD349 million for the same period last year, while exports to Syria jumped by 47% to JD81 million. , against 55 million JD for the same period last year.

Exports to Palestine increased by 20% to reach JD 116 million this year, compared to JD 97 million in eight months last year.

Mining industries contributed JD 1.624 billion to total exports, followed by chemical and cosmetic industries with JD 1.042 million and engineering, electrical and information technology industries with JD 600 million.

The export value of catering, food, agriculture and animal husbandry industries reached JD 460 million, followed by therapeutic industries and medical supplies sector with JD 356 million, and leather industries and textiles with 300 million JD.

Exports from the packaging, paper, cardboard and office supplies industries totaled JD 195 million, while exports from the plastics and rubber industries reached JD 167 million.

The industrial sector is essential to the Kingdom’s trade balance, representing 93% of total national exports, with a value that generally exceeds JD 5 billion, while investments in the sector total JD 15 billion.

The ICA, created in 1962, has 8,600 industrial members employing 159,000 people. The combined capital of companies registered with the ACI is approximately JD 5 billion.

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