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1 player is on MLB Trade Rumors list of Top 50 Trade Candidates


MLB Trade Rumors is about to see its summer traffic spike much like on the freeway when school resumes. Despite all the technological advances we’ve made as humans, we really need to speed up this teleportation. As part of their summer routine, MLBTR produced a list of the top 50 candidates at the trade deadline. Although the New York Mets are buyers, they have one player on the roster.

Dominic Smith is ranked 20th on the list. While that doesn’t necessarily make him the 20th most likely to be traded or the 20th best player in the 50, it is still remarkable. There seems to be a growing belief that he might indeed be treated this year after all.

Smith is doing much better since returning from Syracuse. Was the demotion a lesson in humility? Did the coaches there teach him any secrets he may have forgotten?

Smith remains an imperfect fit for the Mets due to the one position he plays well. Pete Alonso isn’t leaving anytime soon. This makes Smith more than consumable. It’s even easier to trade him due to the disappointing year he’s had.

It’s not impossible to imagine the Mets packing Smith with minor leaguers as part of a deal to improve their current roster. Would any of us be surprised if instead the Mets traded him to a contender in exchange for a minor league piece either? Both are possibilities.

As far as he’s played since promotion, he’s only hit .216 on the year and is yet to hit a home run in 132 trips to the plate. It’s kind of shocking for him to lose all that power. Even in his first two seasons, when he hit .198 and then .224, there were home runs. Smith is hitting just .319 entering action on Saturday. Any team interested in negotiating for him would have a project to work on.

Interestingly enough, just behind Smith on the list is Noah Syndergaard. The Los Angeles Angels will not make the playoffs. Syndergaard, who signed a one-year contract with the Halos in the offseason, could very well become one of the most talked about starting pitching candidates in the coming weeks.

Smith, on the other hand, could end up in Triple-A if the Mets make an addition to the trade deadline for the offense.

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